Friday, February 18, 2011

38 weeks.

38 weeks??
That is like, full term baby we're talking!

Updates on the past few weeks:
  • Had two more baby showers, one thrown by my inlaws and one from work. They were very fun, Aubrey is such a loved girl already by so many people!
  • I don't have a belly pic, shame on me! It hasn't gotten too much bigger though, still the same inches around from 3 weeks ago..(and still no stretch marks! woohoo! Still got time though...)
  • I got "checked" the past few weeks, 36 & 37 weeks he said my cervix was hard as a rock, and no dilation, today at my dr's appt he said my cervix is starting to soften! Yay, at least there's some progress.
  • I have a bunch of braxton hicks contractions every night before bed, it is so exciting to feel that tightening and knowing my body is practicing for the big day!
  • We are done with all our classes, I've learned so much from them, breastfeeding was my favorite. I feel much more prepared now.
  • People always ask me, "Are you just READY to be done?" Honestly, no! I feel completely fine, still working full time...thank goodness! I would be completely miserable if I were sitting at home twiddling my thumbs all day waiting to go into labor.
  • Although it hasn't hit me yet that I'M HAVING A BABY IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS, I'm very excited for her arrival!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A peek inside the nursery..

Sorry about the terrible lighting, but here's our finished princess's room!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

35 weeks.

I am 35 weeks & 2 days as of today! Here's some highlights of the last two weeks.

-I had my lovely baby shower, which has a post for itself!
-Aubrey's nursery is FINISHED! Pictures soon to come.
-Got my maternity pictures taken, my dad did an awesome job. Steve was even a good sport and joined in on some.
-Packed my hospital bag! I'm keeping it pretty simple: Travel size shower/hygiene stuff, outfit for Aubrey to come home in, blanket for her to come home in, camera charger, snacks, cozy socks, nursing bras/breastfeeding stuff, & I can't really remember what else!
-Steve has graciously assembled ALL of the baby stuff-swing, stroller/carseat,'s all ready to be used!
-I did our baby girls first couple loads of laundry, everything newborn & 0-3 months is ready and safe to be born, along with all her blankies & sheets. Soo exciting, and soo real!
-Childbirth classes are still going very well, I love learning all about labor and what's involved. I'm really looking forward to the breastfeeding class, I want to do whatever I can to prepare!
-My doctor measured me and thinks Aubrey is about 4 and a half pounds right now, which is on the small but still healthy side. He thinks based on my size and weight gain so far I will have a six pounder on my hands. Yay! NOT complaining.
-Next dr's visit, at 36 weeks I get to start getting "checked", where the doctor checks to see how effaced/dilated I am. Exciting! Scary!
-Aubrey has hiccups about twice a day, poor girl. I hate having hiccups so it can't be that much fun for her either I'm sure.
-Still no back pain, contractions, or trouble sleeping--I think the girls in my childbirth class want to punch me sometimes :)

2 more weeks until I'm "full term". I don't see me delivering early, so I'm still counting on March 3rd, (give or take a few) to meet our princess.

Baby Shower

My baby shower was SO beautiful and special. My mom did such an amazing job! She made delectable tri tip sandwiches for the lunch, and the decorations as you can see by the pictures were to die for! I'm so grateful for all the wonderful friends & family that came. Aubrey is one spoiled girl, she got sooo many baby necessities & even more cute outfits. I'm getting so anxious to meet her!

Friday, January 14, 2011

33 weeks.

Mama is getting big! I guess pregnancy life has been eventful lately. At least more than usual.

-I found out I have gestational diabetes. I had passed my first blood test back at 20 weeks, but apparently my numbers were a little too high after I drank the glucose drink thing at 28 weeks. I was surprised at first because I eat like a saint, but the doctor said it's probably because I'm such a petite girl my pancreas can't produce enough insulin! Soo I have to test my blood sugar a few times a day to make sure they aren't high, and the numbers have been good.

-My doctor basically said to count on a C-section if I have a baby 8 lbs or over because of the lack of width of my hips! I really don't see that happening, but you never know! I've known pretty small girls that have had 9 pounders! Oh! And my dr also said he doesn't let his GD patients go past their due date usually, so I definitely have a chance of being induced on March 3rd. Wowza!

-We started taking childbirth classes, thanks to my lovely friend Shawna! She got me all signed up for free. I love them, they are soo informational and I love to know everything about labor I can. Steve has been way supportive too, and is just about the only guy in the class that isn't afraid to raise his hand and ask questions.

-I have baby showers coming up! I can't wait to celebrate-in pink!

-I feel great, I felt bad at child birth class because we all go around the room and talk about how our week was, all the girls have miserable back aches and get up to pee 5 times a night, and there I was with not one thing to complain about except an occasional prick of the finger because of my GD. I've been really, really lucky and I'm starting to notice it more and more. I think I got this 3 more times :)

-Still haven't gained more than 11 pounds-yikes! It's so hard to gain more when I'm basically cutting out most sugar and carbs. Goal is to gain ten more pounds, I'm sure I can do it!

-I am SO pro-epidural. Just sayin'. Good for you if you can do it all natural, but I really don't think I'll feel like "more of a woman" either way. Just being able to grow this baby inside of me is womanly enough for me, lol!

Aubrey is kicking and moving around more and more, it's really easy to see. I rub my belly like Buddha all day at work, I love having her so close to me all the time! In 7 short weeks I'm going to meet my baby girl and I cannot believe how fast time has gone.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

thirty weeks

I fall more in love with this growing belly every single day. I'm starting to feel her move much more often, especially when I'm relaxing on the couch or laying in bed. Sometimes her kicks are a little uncomfortable, but nothing too bad or any "rib kicks" yet.

Doctors appts have been pretty quick and uneventful-pee in a cup, measure the belly, listen to the heartbeat, have a nice day.

I've been feeling really good-I'm still in the "easy" part of pregnancy, I really can't complain about much. I've been trying to eat really healthy and natural & exercise daily, so I can keep up my energy to work up until she arrives! I haven't gained any more weight, I started the pregnancy at 109 lbs, and I'm now usually between 119-121 lbs. My doctor doesn't see it as concerning and says I should pat myself on the back--I still try to eat lots though!

Now just about every single person I run into that I don't know will ask me the three golden questions: "When are you due?" "Is it a boy or girl?" & "What will her name be?" I don't mind at all and love talking to people about pregnancy.

I must say I've been thinking about labor and breastfeeding a LOT lately. I still have dreams about these often, and I'm getting pretty nervous! I'm doing kegel exercises and lots of leg workouts to ensure the easiest labor possible--but I'm sure it only helps so much.

We've FINALLY started working on the nursery, Steve painted the whole room light pink, my mom will be doing a wallpaper border, and we had new carpet installed. Oh, how I LOVE new carpet. So clean and squishy. Steve also installed her crib last night. I started hanging up all her little clothes in order of size on little pink baby hangers. I would post pics of the room, but I'll wait until we get a little more furniture and decorative items.

Basically, my life goes on as usual! This pregnancy has really been dreamy & I can't wait to hold my precious baby Aubrey!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Third Trimester! (27 weeks & 1 day along)

So excited to be in the last and final stretch-it really came so fast! I thought I'd put a little something together about what I've learned about pregnancy thus far: the good AND bad things!

The Good
-There is absolutely NOTHING greater in the world than seeing your first positive pregnancy test, especially after trying so hard. A surreal moment.
-Seeing your baby's heartbeat for the first time flicker on the screen. Tears definitely happen.
-Finding out the gender. Everything starts feeling pretty real from there, you're not just having a baby, you are having a SON or DAUGHTER. Such joy! And more tears :)
-The first time you feel them move! Creepy and wonderful all at the same time.
-The first time someone notices you are a pregnant-a stranger.
-The way you are treated when people see you are obviously pregnant, so happy for you and full of questions!
-When people touch and rub my belly! Some people hate this, I LOVE it! Nothing more precious I'd rather share. I'm touchy feely to begin with :)
-Hello, boob size multiplies by 2! (or more if you are lucky)
-The look on my husband's face when he felt the baby kick the first time. He was so sweet and excited.
-Registering for baby stuff, so fun! All the girl stuff was to die for.
-Getting the best compliment ever: "Your belly is sooo cute!" Flat stomachs are SO yesterday!
-Knowing Heavenly Father is trusting me with a sweet & innocent baby, straight from His arms to ours.

The bad.
or at least uncomfortable and annoying things.
-THE WHOLE FIRST TRIMESTER, lol. Mostly just the nausea, extreme fatigue, and weird pooch belly.
-When people are judgmental about how young we decided to have kids! Ugh. (Back off, we both have good jobs, a home, a loving and healthy marriage, etc!) Rude.
-The constant feeling of pressure in your downstairs! Ouch!
-How you can't eat DELI MEAT. That is seriously one of the hardest things :( (Yes I know you can have it hot, but it's NOT THE SAME!)
-People that try and tell you you aren't having a healthy pregnancy unless you've gained " " pounds. I love my mom- "They're just jealous!" A Moms answer for everything, lol.
-How you have to wait 40 weeks before you have your baby! That's almost a year right there.
-SMOKERS, SMOKERS, AND SMOKERS. The things I do to avoid them are probably considered crazy.
-Having this crazy phobia about breastfeeding! Why does it have to be so hard? I pray my baby latches on like a pro and just eats every few hours or whatever with no problems whatsoever. Dreamworld!
-Lastly, not knowing at all when labor will come or how much it will hurt, etc! The unknown is terrifying.

There's the good & bad. I just can't wait to have this baby! We are NOT ready yet at all though, we have soo much to get, and we haven't started the nursery yet at all. We still have to paint it and put the wallpaper border up, install the crib, get the carpets cleaned, and soo much more!